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Insurance Information

Paying for therapy is part of making a commitment to it. You can pay privately or use your health insurance. There are pros and cons to doing either. Insurance is an excellent option for those in need of therapy but just cannot afford the added expense. The Resiliency Group will help you navigate your covered benefits and will assist you with the claims process.

Self-pay comes out of your pocket, at least initially, and if you seek reimbursement from insurance it can take time and paperwork. On the other hand, you can often deduct it as a medical expense on your taxes. In addition self-pay gives you more freedom and privacy than going through your insurance. Some clients prefer to pay out of pocket and avoid using insurance to cover mental health care, to maintain their privacy, or because they are not able to find someone on their provider panel that feels like a "good fit."

Whatever you decide, The Resiliency Group will be happy to provide you the information you need. We will file claims with your insurance company on your behalf. We accept most major medical insurance, including:

Contracted Insurance Companies as of 1/1/15:
• BCBS of IL
• PHAI (Blue Cross HMO)
• Magellan
• MH Net
• United Behavioral Health & United Healthcare
• Healthlink HMO and PPO
Other insurances may be accepted that do not require contracts such as TriCare, Value Options and CIGNA. Please contact your insurance provider with questions regarding eligibility.