— Rediscovering Strength of the Human Spirit —


The Resiliency Center offers a reflective and engaging partnership with clients, working toward the goal of helping them discover the true strength of their own spirit and navigate a world that can be extremely stressful. Our approach is grounded in psychodynamic, cognitive/learning, and systems theories. We offer a client-centered, practical and strength-based experience, bringing honesty, experience, warmth, and humor to the therapy relationship.

Making the decision to seek therapy takes courage. The goal of the Resiliency Center is to make this process as comfortable as possible. We provide a relaxing and non-judgmental environment where people can feel comfortable sharing their self, their symptoms and their life stories. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to identify treatment goals, reduce symptoms of distress, and improve satisfaction with quality of current and future chapters of life.

Therapy is a process and at times that process may not feel comfortable. Sometimes early on or as certain issues are addressed, a person may experience an increase in emotional distress. This is NORMAL and typically a good sign though it certainly does not feel good. This is a high-risk time for dropping out of treatment. We encourage you to talk openly about these feelings. As in physical therapy, rest or refocus can be beneficial in continuing gains without overburdening the system. At all stages we will work with you on coping strategies and self-care strategies to aid in coping with feelings of distress.